The Calls For Comfort is a service that is by Muslim women, for Muslim women – although, it is open to women in the entire nation as a service.

The Calls For Comfort provides a safe, anonymous and informed platform for you to call and talk about anything on your mind – without judgement, or blame.

The Calls For Comfort is free of cost.

The Listening Heart is operational between 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm (CST), and 9:00 pm -2:00 am (CST), seven days of the week.

You do not know who will answer your call. The Calls For Comfort is completely anonymous – neither the callers nor the volunteers know who they are talking to.


If you have found a connection with; you feel comfortable with; you do not wish to restate your past experience; or any other reason that makes you want to talk to the same volunteer, then you are welcome to ask the volunteer when their next shift will be with Calls For Comfort so that you can call back and talk to them.

Calls For Comfort does not give professional advice. However, every volunteer at the Calls For Comfort is multifaceted, with sound experience in helping others. In the event that you have a question for a very specific field of expertise, you are welcome to ask the volunteer for resources.

You will not be asked for any form of identifying information by the volunteer who receives your call.

Yes, absolutely. Nothing you talk about during your conversation is recorded or documented in any way.

Unfortunately not. The Calls For Comfort is very strict about maintaining anonymity and confidentiality, and an online session does not allow for that.

Absolutely not. The Calls For Comfort is 100% free.

There is no limit to the number of times you can call the Calls For Comfort warmline.

Your call can be as long as you want it to be – the volunteers at the Calls For Comfort are here to listen.

No. The Calls For Comfort is a nationwide service that is available to anyone that would like to talk.

The Calls For Comfort is absolutely not a replacement for any medical professional, in any capacity.

Since the Calls For Comfort cannot be considered “medical help”, there is no doubt that your therapy sessions should be continued.

The volunteers at the Calls For Comfort will be in constant rotation. So if you are not satisfied with the person you are talking to, you are welcome to call back another day, or another time during the same day, and speak to someone else.

The Calls For Comfort website has a section for stating your grievances and suggestions. Please fill out the Call Evaluation form and submit it. You can rest assured that your concerns will be taken seriously and the necessary actions will be implemented.

Change is a process. The more you call the Calls For Comfort, the more chances you will have to reflect and brainstorm ideas that may be helpful to your situation.

No. The Calls For Comfort is not a religious service, and therefore, will not be eliciting religious advice.

We, at the Calls For Comfort, try to be as inclusive as possible. We offer our free, warmline service in several languages. Since the Calls For Comfort is a confidential calling service, you will have to call and ask the volunteer which day to call for your particular language of choice, and if it is available.

As long as you call within the designated time for Calls For Comfort, the volunteer will be happy to continue the conversation for as long as you may need.

Texting is an option that is offered by the Calls For Comfort – so please, feel free to use it.

Yes. Texting is also done anonymously at the Calls For Comfort.

It is our honor and privilege to state that

The Calls For Comfort is the first-ever calling and texting service for Muslimahs, in North America!

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