What Makes Us Different

First Warmline for Muslim Women!

Calls For Comfort is the nation's first-ever warmline for Muslim women!
  • The Calls For Comfort warmline is an inclusive calling and texting service that caters to Muslim women and young Muslim girls.
  • The Calls For Comfort calling and texting system is set up in a way that ensures confidentiality and anonymity on all calls. Callers are not asked or required to provide any identifying information at any point during the call.
  • Due to the anonymity of the calling system, it is up to the caller to call back if they wish to follow up on their previous call, receive more information or resources, have questions or concerns addressed, or simply to talk some more.
  • The relationship between the volunteer and the caller is kept strictly confidential by Calls for Comfort, and our professional volunteers reserve the right to protect their identity and personal information as well.
  • Calls For Comfort has trained volunteers.
  • The Calls For Comfort warmline offers many language options.
  • Calls For Comfort is inclusive to all races and ethnicities.
  • Calls For Comfort is open seven days of the week.
  • The operational hours of Calls For Comfort are set up in a way that will suit Muslimah’s on the East coast as well as the West coast.
  • All Calls For Comfort processes are legally documented and approved by lawyers.
  • The callers are welcome to call as often as they want.
  • The callers are welcome to talk for as long as they need.
  • All calls and texts are free of charge.
  • Religion is not a barrier for us. Since Calls For Comfort is by Muslimah’s, for Muslimah’s, you will never have to explain yourself.
  • Calls For Comfort offers referrals to extensive resources to the callers, based on their needs.
  • We help callers make connections, based on their specific needs.
  • Any Gifts, bartering, and/or trading services are deemed and considered unacceptable.

The volunteers at the Calls For Comfort warmline are humbled at the opportunity to listen to you and are grateful to share that we are an inclusive community.

Calls For Comfort has established the first warmline service for Muslimah’s in the history of this nation.¬†We have incorporated The Listening Heart as a comfort for you and all our sisters nationwide. We aim to meet the needs of our Muslim communities in a safe, respectful, and dignified way that protects the integrity and privacy of each and every caller.

Calls For Comfort would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing in their continued growth and becoming a part of the Calls For Comfort warmline service experience.

It is our honor and privilege to state that

The Calls For Comfort is the first-ever calling and texting service for Muslimahs, in North America!

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