Our Testimonials

"Remember it’s free of cost, anonymous, and you can call as often as you would like! ....There’s no point in not making use of a resource that is available!!!!

You can call the Calls For Comfort to help calm your nerves, discuss things, get a different perspective, brainstorm, have someone hear you out, have someone hold space for you, help you feel validated, help you think through things, or simply make yourself a cup of tea and call them for some quality downtime 😉

It’s SO worth it!

We should never undermine the value of talking things out, and getting them OUT of our system!!!"
"I have already made use of the Calls For Comfort on more than one occasion. Every time I call, I feel relieved. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have been lucky enough to talk to the same volunteer for my calls. I also have a language restriction, which was accommodated for. "
"I called the Calls For Comfort hoping to find some resources that could help me through my need. And that is exactly what I got from this warmline."
"All I know is that I felt “lighter” and more ”able” after the call."
"I have no words to express my gratitude for this service. The timings for the Calls For Comfort are completely convenient. I had become desperate to talk to someone! I couldn’t hold back, and I picked up the phone and tried my luck.

A volunteer actually picked up! They listened to my heartache. They acknowledged my feelings. They validated my thoughts. They reassured me that I was not going crazy and that I was not alone. They helped me brainstorm ideas of moving forward. They helped by giving me clarity to my thoughts so I was better able to make a decision.

The Calls For Comfort was there for me when I needed it most. Thank you Calls For Comfort!"
"I am new here and have no family around to talk to. I felt lucky to have found the Calls For Comfort warmline."
"The volunteer first asked me if I felt safe before continuing to talk to me. They listened to what I had bottled up inside me - something that I could not tell anyone else in my life. They were kind and courteous, and stayed on the phone with me for as long as I felt the need to talk. I will surely call them back."
"Initially, I was very hesitant and even skeptical about calling the Calls For Comfort. But they lived up to their reputation and I am glad I made the call.

I got the time I wanted, the attention I needed, and the resources that I didn't even know existed."
"I felt safe even though I was opening up to a complete stranger. They helped by giving me several ideas that I could use to bring the much needed change in my life."
"Knowing that I will be talking to a culturally and religiously acclimated person, and not have to explain myself or my ways, made all the difference in the world for me!"
"I am a person that finds it very difficult to open up about my concerns. So I was curious how the Calls For Comfort would help me find relief. I picked up the phone with curiosity and doubt, and started talking about random things. I actually had a fun, interactive conversation with the volunteer. I actually felt so comfortable talking to a complete stranger who I would never meet, that it felt safe to open up.

The volunteer at the Calls For Comfort definitely made me feel relaxed enough to say certain things. I felt accomplished after the call. In a way, it was no big deal to make this call, and in another way, it was a huge gift."
It was amazing to be listened to, and even more amazing to not be asked for anything in return.
It takes courage to pick up the phone and call someone, to talk about your feelings and fears, and it makes it easier to know that it is an anonymous call. So I would call the Calls For Comfort again, but this time, without the anxiety.

It is our honor and privilege to state that

The Calls For Comfort is the first-ever calling and texting service for Muslimahs, in North America!

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